What is your action plan to improve leadership performance?

I saw this list the other day about how leaders in the NHS are trying to improve patient experience, it made sense to me. Is your leadership development plan based on your customers? It Is so easy to forget your true purpose and make your actions too internally focused! 

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Yes i am agree with your point.
It is significant to be in the role of leader if you are starting a business for better results. Not about boss, but you need to be cognizant about the leadership quality. Bring up your employees with great enhancement with your best leadership skills.

Graham Wilson

Agreed Lamie, we all need to be leaders. I talk about the importance of creating a high performance environment where success is inevitable. Creating a leadership culture is a key part of that.


Leadership is Not Only the Quality, but also the Power to Enhance Business so that leadership quality must for everyone.To boost the business you must follow the leadership operational excellence.

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