Find out how you compare to what effective leaders are doing to achieve amazing results with their business

This is an in depth analysis of your actual leadership actions.  To get the best results take the time to get yourself relaxed and ready to reflect on what you actually do.  Ensure you have plenty of time and are not rushed. You will get a snap shot of your strengths and areas of opportunity!  Leadership is so important in today's world and for your personal success so take the time to complete the questionnaire, it is worth it!

It is comprehensive and looks at all aspects of your leadership based on the 7 Leadership Truths outlined in Leadership Laid Bare!   There are seven sections, one for each leadership truth, with ten questions on each. This is to give you enough analysis for each truth.  

What happens after you have completed the questionnaire is the most important. Take time to reflect on your scores. To help generate actions it is a good idea to download the one page leadership overview when looking at your results.  

Remember to build on your strengths as well as looking at development areas.

Contact me if you would like a version you can give to other people in your business to fill out on you.  It is really powerful to get feedback from other people about your behaviour.  

Have fun, learn and take massive action,






Answer the questions based on what you actually do, be honest!

1 = never  2 = rarely  3 = sometimes  4 = often  5 = always

  • 1. Authenticity
  • 2. Purpose
  • 3. Teamwork
  • 4. Innovation
  • 5. Ambiguity
  • 6. Educate
  • 7. Execute
  • Your Details

1. Authenticity

Not used