Quickly learn how to run awesome meetings!

Meetings That Rock

Graham has developed the fastest, easiest and most effective way to learn how to run awesome meetings.  This downloadable pdf will get you designing and running meetings that will get you noticed ... for all the right reasons!

Realising the importance to running productive meetings is vital to your success. You need to make sure they are planned, prepared and conducted in a way that ensures the best possible outcomes – that they ROCK!

  • Have you ever been sitting in a meeting wondering why you are there?
  • Have you been facilitating a meeting where people don’t have the confidence to say what they’re thinking – where trust is too low?
  • Do you attend meetings that don’t create enough energy to solve problems?  Have you had to nudge someone awake during a meeting (or been nudged)?
  • Have you ever wondered why people go away from the meeting and do something completely different to what you thought should happen or nothing happens at all?
  • Does the real meeting happen in the car park or around the coffee machine?
What about a meeting where…
  • You know exactly the purpose of what the meeting is about
  • You know how it links to what is important and a priority in your business
  • You know what value you add or value you receive
  • You are excited about being there
  • The process has been well thought through so thinking and action happen effortlessly
  • Challenge, confrontation and rigour is high, and it is welcomed, exciting and energising
  • You know exactly what happens after the meeting and why
  • There is “one voice” after the meeting
  • Aligned action happens and is reviewed after the meeting to learn and continuously improve

 Download your pdf toolkit now and find out how to do it for real....

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