Become a Certified ChangePro Trainer

Become a Certified Trainer of ChangePro

Ensure you are at the forefront of developing project and change leaders for today's world. Becoming a Certified ChangePro Trainer will ensure you are in high demand and make a BIG difference to organisations and leaders. 

Discover how to develop worldclass leaders with the ChangePro Certification Solution

In our age of disruption the ability to deliver fast change via variety of methods is crucial. ChangePro shows you how. It's tried, tested and proven to deliver extraordinary results. Becoming a Certified Trainer enables you to deliver leading edge workshops in any organisation - internally or externally.


Imagine a framework that enables you to slow down in order to speed up. A system that challenges you to only do the right projects. Projects that are desirable, viable and feasible. A consistent framework that speeds up execution, keeps it simple and is fully adaptable to the situation you are in to ensure faster delivery of benefits


Imagine a system that aligns to and supports existing project and change methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, HCD, PRINCE2, Lean, Six Sigma, ADKAR, AIM, and Kotter’s 8 Steps. A framework that guides your thinking and helps you select the right approach and ensures you are in control more and realise benefits


Imagine a set of tools and a way of working that reduces the overall cost of delivery. Imagine a consistent way of managing that ensures the business is bought into the change and actively supports it. A way of developing your leaders quickly and effectively to know how to land change in a cost effective way

Our next workshop is running on 4th and 5th Feb 2020 at Successfactory. The after this will be 23rd and 24th June 2020 (Contact us for details)

Join a highly skilled group of Certified ChangePro Trainers who are changing the world! You'll need to complete the online course first (if you haven't already done this) and then attend the two day deep dive workshop. Then under guidance run your first workshop, gain feedback and then develop a case study of the impact you have had. Once that is submitted and assessed to the right standards you'll become a ChangePro Certified Trainer and free to deliver your courses and projects using ChangePro for life!

Download the Certification Workshop Agenda

Discover how you can become a certified trainer of ChangePro

Why ChangePro is so EFFECTIVE

Find out why I created ChangePro and the astonishing difference it's making to landing change...


Go check out the framework below and learn how successful leaders are delivering change in today's digital age...

Tried, tested and proven by many leading organisations

Grab a FREE overview of the ChangePro Methodology and discover how leaders are delivering change - FAST!

ChangePro is the approach I've developed to enable organisations to land the right change - fast. The download is designed as an overview to guide the right thinking to do the right things. There are also 22 project and change tips on the back!

"Graham and I have worked on a number joint ventures - I am so confident about his abilities that I would happily recommend him to help improve project performance. He has honest values and an open mind. He is passionate about making a difference and adding value to the customer. Meet him once and you will know that he is right for you. Good original and creative solutions."

Eddie Borup
Lead Consultant at ibp Solutions Limited

"Graham provides great insight into project and team performance. He has the ability to guide teams through difficult conversations that lead to improved performance."

Paul Bishop
VP Technology - Integration and Divestment at Equinix EMEA

"Graham is the best teacher I've come across to develop Project Leadership skills. He takes what can be a complex situation and make it so simple to understand. ChangePro is a really powerful and cost effective way to dramatically increase organisation capability to deliver change quickly and remain competitive. The online training and resources are amazing. I recommend you grab it before your competitors do!"

Mark Bannister
Merchandising and L&D Manager, Crown Paints

All the leadership tools you need... under one roof!

With ChangePro you get all the learning and tools under one roof! We understand that you're really busy and that it's important to bring the learning closer to you and in bite size chunks. It needs to be available when you need it - 24/7. It needs to be available in a mobile format and on all devices. The solution also needs to be available for individuals to buy as well as enterprise wide versions. And you need it now!

Video Tutorials

A set of 14 bite size videos explaining the key aspects of delivering results through people. We look at leadership, team building, stakeholder management, planning, risk, resiliency and creating a high performance environment where success is inevitable 

Framework Guide

A step by step guide with instructional videos, pdfs and tutorials to guide you through every stage of the lifecycle. Broken down to bite size steps so easy to use and there when you need it. It's like having me over your shoulder guiding you when needed

Practical Tools

Every Sponsor, Project and Change Leader requires a wide range of tools they can use to craft solutions. As a leader it is important to be able to understand the context and select the right tools to get the best outcomes. ChangePro shows you how to do this

Guides and Templates

The ChangePro Vault contains 28 'How To' guides covering project, process and the people elements. Also 18 Templates designed to aide your thinking and guide your action. Simplicity is key to effective delivery so we believe in one page plans and templates

"I've worked with Graham regularly over the last ten years with various businesses and in differing capacities. Graham has a great talent for working with people at all levels either in groups or individually and his skills extend from team building activities to supporting executive teams to develop strategy. Often implementing a strategy is where things get sticky and Graham has a number of tips and tools to enable businesses to adapt to a changing climate and to consider and re-consider the robustness of their plan and adapt it where necessary. I have worked with Graham in a number of businesses to help the team to build their plan and to build some sound project and change management skills as a strong foundation for business growth and / or sustainability. I've chosen to work with Graham in four businesses and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies requiring similar support."

Shelley Thomas
Spire Healthcare

"Graham has delivered outstanding programmes for Bupa International, and brings a deep expertise to his field."

Brett Reid
Bupa Australia & New Zealand

"Graham is fantastic to work with and has provided innovative development solutions that really work! An engaging facilitator and coach - highly recommended."

Jo Shenton
Learning & Development Adviser at B&Q

Certification Investment Options

There area number of options available from individual packages to enterprise solutions for teams of people




12 module video learning programme

28 How To Guides

18 Project and Change Templates

6 Stage ChangePro Framework

Access to Facebook Mastermind Group

Access to Graham 



3 payments of £397


12 module video learning programme

28 How To Guides

18 Project and Change Templates

6 Stage ChangePro Framework

Access to Facebook Mastermind Group

Access to Graham 





Bespoke Framework

Bespoke Templates

Bespoke Training Solution

Your Team Trained to Deliver Training For Your Project and Change Managers

Coaching and Mentoring From Graham

Sponsor Training


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