Leadership Legacy Programme


Developing HIGH IMPACT leaders for today's world. 

We've just created the most IMPACTFUL and INTENSIVE leadership journey available today...

Love Support Unite has partnered with Successfactory to create a uniquely powerful opportunity to develop HIGH IMPACT LEADERSHIP SKILLS whilst making a REAL DIFFERENCE to POVERTY and CHILDREN in Malawi. The three month intensive leadership journey starts in September 2020 and runs until November 2020 and includes 3 development days in the UK (2 in Sept and 1 in Nov) and 9 days in Malawi in October demonstrating LEADERSHIP IN ACTION. You will be delivering a real life project in mission critical situations to explore leadership for real. This journey will inspire you to BE MORE, and will stay with you for life.

You can download the full journey itinerary and discover what we will be doing in the UK and Africa. The PDF download will take you on the journey and explain every step of our magical journey. It will change your life!

Download the full Leadership Legacy Brochure here >>

Real Learning | Real Impact | Real Benefits

We believe that real leadership development happens at an action based level. Whilst theory and classroom based/virtual learning is really useful, real change happens at an emotional and consequential level. We have created the LEADERSHIP LEGACY JOURNEY to ensure leaders develop new skills, tools, behaviours and mindsets to positively thrive in today's fast paced world. If you are serious about developing leadership skills then this is the journey for you.

Inspirational Content

The first stage of the journey is a two-day deep dive at Successfactory exploring what great leadership looks like. The team is set up for success and through a number of experiential exercises learning is developed. A clear leadership framework and a powerful set of leadership tools are shared

Real Application

The second stage is real leadership in action. The team need to lead a charity project based in the UK to raise funds and then build a new nursery/school for children over in Malawi. This is a full on commitment to 9 days over in Africa working hard against real deadlines to deliver real impact and success

Learning Embedded

The final stage of the journey is to decode the learning from the charity project in a immersive one day retreat. Coaching  support and group masterminding is used to ensure learning is embedded and real success achieved. Each participant is challenged to demonstrate a positive ROI


Having developed over 80,000 global leaders we have worked out what successful leaders actually do to deliver outstanding results in today's digital age. We have decoded this into a system of pragmatic tools and techniques that creates a powerful way of operating. Our focus is always to awaken possibility in leaders to deliver extraordinary results


Leadership is all about service. We'll provide a unique and supportive experience where participants can apply their learning to real and challenging situations in Malawi. They learn so much more about themselves as a leader than in the classroom. Learning will be impactful and have impact by leaving a real and lasting legacy 


We'll show how leaders create a culture and ways of working where people consistently develop great ideas to improve results and add value. We focus on value innovation and teaching leaders how to ensure innovation is part of organisational DNA. We show how leaders can deliver massive value for staff, customers and society


Great leaders know how to operate with speed, agility and to make change happen. We teach leaders how to do this. We develop leaders who can deliver in mission critical situations. Leaders who can lead change by taking people with them. 


The Leadership Legacy Journey ensures leaders know how to create elite teams and sustain high performance. This includes top teams, global, remote, virtual and distributed teams at all levels. Working in a high performance team in mission critical situations will ensure a rich and powerful learning experience - some say life changing

You can download the full journey itinerary and discover what we will be doing in the UK and Africa. The PDF download will take you on the journey and explain every step of our magical journey. It will change your life!

Download the full Leadership Legacy Brochure here >>

The Leadership Legacy Model

We will be framing the leadership legacy journey around our tried, tested and proven framework. The heart of the model is about how you make a positive difference to people's lives by being you, being collaborative and being impactful.


During the journey we will be exploring the following leadership challenges based around the Leadership Legacy Model. To ensure you achieve the most from the journey there is an element of bespoking and tailoring involved to tackle your specific leadership needs and challenges:

  • Becoming an Authentic Leader
  • Creating a Leadership Brand
  • Learning how to Inspire Action
  • Operating with Boldness, Simplicity and Speed
  • Delivering in Mission Critical Situations
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Cultural Awareness
  • Creating Elite Teams
  • Developing Resilience
  • Solving Problems and Decision Making
  • Increasing Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Building on Strengths
  • Leading Projects and Change 
  • Unleashing Innovation
  • Developing a Growth Mindset, Confidence and Positive Attitude
  • Thinking Clearly Under Pressure
  • Making a Difference
  • Ensuring Sustainability



This trip will inspire you to be more, and will stay with you for life

The Leadership Legacy Journey is a truly magical experience. Life-changing experiences, deep personal learning, creating leadership ideas and knowledge all lead by passionate facilitators. It is an inspirational adventure from start to finish. You will also be sharing this experience with a group of incredible leaders forging friendships and making connections for the future. It will change lives for the communities in Malawi as all profits from the trip go to Love Support Unite to enable them to implement sustainable development projects. You'll also leave legacy with the building of a Children's Nursery and Community Centre (Subject to change!). There are just twelve places available on this unique trip that happens only once a year and if you’d like to join us, early booking is recommended.

Join us on a life changing experience...

Leadership is such a valued skill these days. Join us exploring what TRUE LEADERSHIP is and what really works in today's world.


Your facilitators

You'll be guided on the Leadership Legacy Journey by some of the very best leadership developers in the world

Graham Wilson

Graham is one of the most sought after leadership experts in the UK, author and founder of Successfactory he helps leading organisations to develop extraordinary leaders and create high performance environments where success is inevitable


Nicola Huelin

Nicola is founder of MPower Global and has channelled her experience into becoming an award-winning leadership coach. She is also a trainer and facilitator, specialising in marketing, business planning, project management and negotiating


Gayle Berry

Gayle is the founder of Blossom & Berry, an international teacher training organisation with over 600 teachers. Gayle is also raises funds and assists on many projects for Love Specs and Love Support Unite. Gayle also trains Nurture Ambassadors in the community 


Want to make a difference and get involved?

Let's start a dialogue to see if this is the programme for you. It's not for the faint hearted but ideal for forward thinking leaders and game changers...


Love Support Unite currently runs 11 adult literacy teachers in 5 areas, for 500 adults daily. Provides 60,000 meals sustainably provided to children in education. Runs 3 nurseries for 174 children every day, 10 medical outreaches per month, and has treated over 30,000 patients. It has helped build 6 school blocks, a library, 4 teachers houses and school kitchen. It has enabled 660 families to join a sustainable farms program and has a 100% success rate in family future fund projects



You can be assured that a leadership journey from Successfactory will hit the mark. After all we are trusted by many of the best organisations in the world to develop their leaders and teams to deliver extraordinary results. To give you a taste of what we do, here's a short video of another charity event we did for Chester Zoo and their supports to help them raise money


"I worked with Graham for several years and can honestly say he's one of the most energetic, committed and inspirational people I've ever worked with. His enthusiasm for passing on his learning never wanes and as a speaker, coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator he creates a positive energy that leaves participants in his programmes feeling that they can achieve anything."

Lucy Griffiths
Founder/Director at sortyourfuture.com and We Are Lucky; Designer, Editor, Educator, Author, Speaker

"Having heard Graham speak at 2 events, I have been extremely impressed not only with his wealth of knowledge and experience but also his ability to tailor his talk and style to his audience. His talks are peppered with stories and nuggets of business brilliance which make them both interesting and enlightening. Highly recommended."

Emily Thorpe
Work/Life Balance Coach, Speaker and Author of - The Working Mums 5 Step Solution to Having It All

"Graham - is an extremely impressive person, his depth of knowledge is only matched by the breadth of his experience. Graham has the unique talent of breaking down extremely complex concepts into manageable, pieces and therefore able to take a team with him. I would not hesitate recommending Graham and the leverage his skills can bring to any business."

David Chalmers
Global Sales Director

Want to make a difference and get involved?

Let's start a dialogue to see if this is the programme for you. It's not for the faint hearted but ideal for forward thinking leaders and game changers...


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