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Discover up to date techniques, tools and templates to create impactful learning journeys. Join us at Successfactory for the amazing Learning Adventure World L&D convention

Join like minded passionate people from the world of L&D, HR and Training on a roller coaster ride of learning being held on Thursday 6th June 2019 (08:45 - 17:00) at the award winning Successfactory. An opportunity to get off the hamster wheel, network and share up to date ideas for creating learning journeys that deliver EXTRAORDINARY results. This interactive theme park will help you to:

Demystify Learning Journeys

EXPLORE what makes a learning journey impactful for individuals and businesses by letting Learning Adventure World take you on a journey of discovery with a group of like minded people

Enhance Your L&D Knowledge

DISCOVER effective tools & techniques to create amazing learning journeys. Listen to guest speakers from forward thinking organisations who will share experiences of creating impactful journeys

Simplify the Complex

LEARN to ‘chunk down’ learning journeys to make them more manageable whilst also keeping track of the big picture.  This is about useable tools, techniques and templates that actually improve results

Download a high level agenda of what is on offer with a full day Learning Adventure World theme park pass

Learning Adventure World Location 

Learning Adventure World is located on the grounds of Successfactory™ which is an exclusive training and conference venue based in a beautifully converted sandstone barn, surrounded by rolling meadows and woodland. It can be found in a most beautiful part of Cheshire with stunning views across the Cheshire plain to the Welsh Hills and beyond... and it's only 15 minutes from the historic city of Chester.



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"Your venue and setting is just perfect! In a world that is so difficult to detach from, I didn't once feel distracted by anything outside of where I was. It is not only inviting but also comforting in a way that encourages expression."

Hannah Taylor
Business Engagement Manager, Kingspan Ltd

Theme Park Passes - Investment Options

For such tremendous insights and value we have managed to keep the park entrance fee as low as possible. You can even get a discount if you book multiple park day pass tickets



An amazing interactive L&D experience

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Same amazing interactive L&D experience with discounts available when you purchase more than one park day pass

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