wabisugi | the art of resilience for everyday warriors

i'm really excited about the opportunity of working with you.

you're going to LOVE our journey together!

as a reminder, here's what you'll get:

  • 25 pragmatic videos full of tools, tips, hints and ideas  
  • a tried, tested and proven resilience framework and guide
  • a warrior resilience toolkit you can download and use every day
  • access to the applied positive thinking approach


  • free access to my highly acclaimed 14 video module leadership journey with guides and toolkits to download and use every day
  • discounted book offer

i can't wait to to be able to support you in our tough times. never before have we needed people who are highly resilient and can deliver when it  really matters, what i call mission critical situations.

well done for investing in yourself. 

every success,


£129.00 GBP