Leadership Coaching with Graham Wilson

Leadership Coaching

Achieving extraordinary results with you

Not restricted to old outdated coaching methods I work with leaders to awaken possibility to deliver extraordinary results. I achieve this through a variety of methods based on a truly person centred approach and a combination of pure coaching, mentoring, teaching and challenging through knowledge and thought provoking examples

I've been told I have a unique style that ensures leaders can achieve their very best. Described as an “igniter of human potential” I challenge, support and develop potential. I'll always work with you to craft solutions that awaken possibility and unleashes the capability in you and/or your leaders to deliver extraordinary results.

Building on over 25 years of leadership coaching and development experience in a variety of global organisations, I quickly create a high trust environment, help you get to the heart of the matter, share ideas and co-build solutions. I like to think I always create the inspiration to help you achieve outstanding results.

I've been described by clients as a 'true leadership wizard,’ an 'inspirational storyteller’ and an 'inspirational provider of practical insights that make a difference – immediately’.

Each coaching assignment is completely confidential and uniquely designed to achieve outstanding results.

How does it work?

To help you ensure the very best results the minimum amount of coaching sessions is five. These are two hour sessions and depending on need can be taken in any combination. For example the first session may be 4 hours to build trust and unload challenges and ideas; followed by three sessions of 2 hours each. Flexibility is key to my approach. 

To gain the most from each session it is recommended they are run away from the workplace. I can even run coaching sessions whilst walking on the trails and in the mountains. Sometimes it's useful to use virtual coaching via Skype. 

The process I use is non linear and we tend to bounce around until we generate the right outcomes. It's based on the following coaching elements with mentoring and teaching blended in as appropriate. The approach is always totally outcome focussed and owned by the coachee: 

Coaching Process

Stage 1: Build Rapport

Build Understanding and Trust, Create Safe Environment, Setup Confidentiality, Agree Boundaries and Ways of Working, Agree Areas for Coaching

Stage 2: Create Compelling Vision

Agree outcomes, objectives and goals

Stage 3: Explore and Learn

Understand context, situation, concerns, opportunities, Run GapLeap session, Understand importance and existing levels of performance

Stage 4: Generate Insights and Ideas

Build on strengths, Co-build solutions, Look at how others solve issue/opportunity to gain insights, Generate ideas and options

Stage 5: Clarify Focus

Evaluate ideas, Prioritise, Agree best solutions

Stage 6: Create Plan

Create evolving plan, Clarify tasks and actions, Remove risks, Understand what support is needed

Stage 7: Achieve Results

Deliver tasks, Carry out ongoing review, learning and agree stop/start/continue

Download Leadership Coaching PDF Overview

Download a summary of my coaching approach to show to someone you think would benefit from leadership coaching. Or you may find it useful to give to your boss to get the funds for yourself!

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Want to explore coaching further?

I always say the chemistry has to be right in both directions for the magic to work. I recommend an informal conversation is a great starting point...


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