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The NEW Leadership Manifesto for today's Digital Age

£11.79 GBP

The New Leadership Manifesto is a 30 minute read to discover how to deliver extraordinary results in today's Dig...

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Leadership Laid Bare! The naked truth of GREAT Leadership

£21.80 GBP

Leadership Laid Bare is the fastest, easiest and most reliable system for improving your leadership capability ... ev...

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Step By Step Guide For Setting Up Your Team For Success - FAST!

£47.00 GBP

Being able to build a high performance team really quickly is so important in today's world.  In this programme...

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Meetings That Rock: How to deliver meetings that really inspire action

£8.99 GBP

How much time do you spend in meetings that add no value? Change that by exploring the fastest, easiest and most ef...

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Leadership Laid Bare! eBook (instant access A4 pdf downloadable file)

£12.99 GBP

Get instant access to Leadership Laid Bare as an eBook you can download as a pdf document. Save it, read it on y...

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The NEW Leadership Manifesto eBook (instant access A4 pdf)

£6.99 GBP

Gain instant access and download an A4 PDF version of The New Leadership Manifesto. In it you'll discover how to deli...

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Leadership Laid Bare - Infographic And Learn What Great Leaders Actually Do

£2.99 GBP

Clarity of what great leaders actually do is so important in today's crazy and confusing world. This infographic shar...

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Fast Development with Leadership Mentoring and Coaching from Graham Wilson

3 payments of £497

Graham has a unique style to ensure that you achieve your very best. Described as an “igniter of human potentia...

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How To Enhance Sales In The Lucrative Corporate Market And Write Winning Proposals

£197.00 GBP

How to break into the lucrative corporate market as a coach.  A step by step video course to enable you to get m...

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The Invisible Revolution: Inspiration and practical advice to build a business you love!  

£24.00 GBP

This book is for you if you’re a mum who wants to build a successful business around the family life you love. ...

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ChangePro Infographic: Overview of how the best project leaders deliver

£2.99 GBP

A PDF download outlining how to deliver projects and change.  The infographic gives an overview of the Cha...

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Discover the seven obstacles to extraordinary business growth

£2.99 GBP

Why are so many business leaders struggling to reap the rewards of their effort? Latest research indicates that ...

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