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wabisugi | the art of resilience for every day warriors is a self paced online journey sharing everything you need to know to boost your energy, increase vitality, build mental toughness and reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm

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"this course absolutely changed the way i look at myself and what i can achieve. creating the right mindset for success and having a robust toolkit available has increased my confidence and more importantly my results. i feel more alive!" Nicola Huelin, MPower
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wabisugi shares with you practical tools to become more resilient by managing your energy levels and boosting your vitality. learn how to come alive!

reduce stress and anxiety

stress, anxiety, worry and overwhelm can drain your resilience. on this course we teach you how to remove these barriers to your success. we teach you how to grab hold of your life!

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resilience is not just about being tough. it's about using wisdom to gently develop the skills you need to become a wabisugi warrior. someone who knows how to deliver in mission critical situations whilst living a wonderful life

we've decoded resilience for you, making it easier to understand and faster to learn

at the heart of the wabisugi journey is a powerful model that has been tried, tested and proven to deliver extraordinary results. having a visual framework helps you to conceptualise all the elements of resilience, join the dots and work on the right areas for you. 


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Mette Kroggard Møllemand - Professional Development Consultant at Specsavers

Graham’s wabisugi journey has a very easy set-up from start to finish. You are guided well through the journey and it is super easy to use.

Within the first days, even hours, after watching just some of the videos, I took myself in applying some of the good advice and knowledge you gain in the journey. Especially from the applied positive thinking part. Because of Graham’s wabisugi journey I feel more comfortable facing challenging and tackle them in a resilience way.

There are several references to previous videos during the journey, so you know how everything is connected, and how the different parts all link to being more resilience. The toolkit material covers widely, and I can easily choose the materials I want to dig deeper into and that works for me.

Grahams experience in working with different leaders in different surroundings shines through during the whole wabisugi journey, and you will with guarantee be able recognise, hear something familiar or identify yourself with a few of these stories. I know I did several times.

meet your guide

wabisugi was created by graham wilson, the founder of the award winning successfactory and author of leadership laid bare and the new leadership manifesto. over the past 27 years graham has worked with many of the world's best leaders and ensured wabisugi is tried, tested and proven. having a military background and being tested in some of the toughest conditions in the world you can be assured wabisugi works!

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join me to discover how to build your resilience and develop a new way of living to positively thrive in today's world.

you're going to LOVE our journey together!

what you'll get:

  • bite size and self paced learning
  • 25 pragmatic videos full of tools, tips, hints and ideas  
  • a tried, tested and proven resilience framework and guide
  • 67 page warrior resilience toolkit you can download and use every day
  • access to the 12 positive habits thinking approach
  • skill builder exercises to boost your confidence


  • free access to my highly acclaimed 14 video module leadership journey with guides and toolkits to download and use every day
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the wabisugi journey is self paced so you can dip in and out of it as much as you please. it's also an ongoing resource you can come back to for further inspiration time after time. to reap the benefits from the journey you'll have to learn, connect and apply the principles in your way.

it's designed to be learner led so you can just work on the areas you think with help you. we recommend you work on the areas that will have most impact for you.

some people will enjoy going through it sequentially, whilst others will dip in and out of the sections and pillars they what to focus on. flexibility is key! 

the key to more energy, less stress and more resilience is to turn the ideas we share with you into rituals, routines and habits

i can't wait to support you and share these tried, tested and proven tools to ensure you boost your resilience to levels you thought impossible and enable you to live a wonderful life.

become a wabisugi warrior today!

every success,


Steve Leach - Sales Director, Nisa

Very happy to personally recommend the WabiSugi leadership approach to resilience. After benefitting from “Leadership Laid Bare”, the timing of Graham’s latest training couldn’t have been better for me personally.

Leading a team can be a challenge at any time but 2020 has been, without doubt, the biggest test of my 30 year career in retail.

What I loved about wabisugi was the simplicity of its approach - bite sized, easy to follow tutorials backed up with engaging checklists and supporting materials.

Once I started the course I soon found myself revisiting content and reflecting on new techniques and approaches to support the why, the what and the how.

My support network definitely needs some more work and focus and I’ve picked up some great tips for cascading and communicating change.

Determined to develop how I make a difference leading both myself and my own team to continued success, these techniques will prove invaluable – many thanks!

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  • developing a warrior mindset


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all the tools you need in one place to build your resiliency

what are you waiting for? join a growing band of wabisugi warriors who have built a new way of living. a life of less stress, less worry, less anxiety. they have created a life full of energy, vitality, positivity and happiness. 

develop the key skills to live a wonderful life and positively thrive in today's tough world... 

a tried, tested and proven framework to boost your resilience

the wabisugi framework decodes resilience for you. just like mastering a skill in sport, you need to break it down into smaller segments to practice your drills until they become a natural way of working. the online course helps you do that in the context of resilience. it's designed to build your confidence, not just your skills and knowledge.

we have decoded what success looks like and more importantly made it easy for you to learn!

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