Fast Development with Leadership Mentoring and Coaching from Graham Wilson

Graham has a unique style to ensure that you achieve your very best. Described as an “igniter of human potential” he challenges, provokes and develops potential.

Graham crafts solutions that awakens possibility and unleashes the capability in you to deliver extraordinary results.

Not restricted to old outdated coaching methods Graham works with you to enable you to deliver extraordinary results.

Graham achieves this through a variety of methods based on a truly person centred approach and a combination of pure coaching, mentoring, teaching and challenging through knowledge and thought provoking examples/stories.

Building on over 25 years of leadership development experience and developing well over 70,000 leaders in a variety of global organisations, Graham quickly creates a high trust environment, gets to the heart of the matter, shares/co-builds ideas and creates the inspiration to achieve outstanding results.

Graham has been described by clients as a 'true leadership wizard,’ an 'inspirational storyteller’ and an 'inspirational provider of practical insights that make a difference – immediately’.

"Graham knows the difference between 'trying' to be/thinking you are a leader, and actually being one and succeeding. Where many coaches make the mistakes thinking harshness or discipline is the way forward, and are full of their own 'blindspots', Graham is actually full of real self-awareness and overcomes this limited and ignorant thinking with true empowerment, thus removing the negativity from your life. Graham is a success which is the proof of the pudding. You only have to look at someones life to know who they are - where they cannot shut up and are full of excuses, it is his success that does all the talking. Highly recommended to those seeking improvement. You want this guy on your team. A great and genuine friend to those who know him."

   Julia Suzuki, Author, Designer and Businesswoman

How the coaching process works:

You can be assured you're in good hands...

"Having worked with Graham a number of times he is a pleasure to be around. Motivating, articulate and good humoured Graham is a great Leadership coach and mentor and is one of the most positive and engaging people I have met working in this arena. He is down to earth and provides practical guidance on how to get the best from yourself and your team. He also has great stories and anecdotes and is great at reading the room and bringing a team together. It's always a pleasure working with Graham"

  Charlotte Light, Controller of Systems Delivery at Channel 4

"Graham is an extremely impressive person, his depth of knowledge is only matched by the breadth of his experience. Graham has the unique talent of break down extremely complex concepts into manageable, pieces and therefore able to take a team with him. I would not hesitate recommending Graham and the leverage his skills can bring to any business."

David Chalmers, Global Sales Director 

"In 40 years I think this was the only year I can remember every individual making budget , the team objectives all achieved and every single member achieving their personal objectives. I put much of this down to the work( fun) we did with you. We have just had the best year ever. We smashed our UK budget at 105% target and achieved 19% growth."

 Les Farrington, Country Manager at The Binding Site Group Ltd Limited


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