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ChangePro is your no-nonsense video-based, bite-sized learning journey developed by practitioners for people just like you. Built by a team who really understand your challenges, ChangePro provides a powerful learning journey combined with valuable project resources that really work.  Available online, just when you need it, ChangePro shares an adaptable and scalable end to end framework plus all the people skills, project and change processes, useful guides, tools and templates.

ChangePro enables you to:

  • Be in massive demand by your organisation as the trusted project leader who gets stuff done
  • Become the ‘go to’ person to make change happen
  • Feel more in control, reduce risk and be confident to land change
  • Be less stressed and less reactive
  • Have more time to think and be proactive
  • Able to build really successful delivery teams and manage stakeholders effortlessly
  • Deliver projects more easily, faster and better
  • Become a ChangePro Hero!

ChangePro is an investment in your future success.  It enables you to explore how the world’s best project leaders lead teams to deliver benefits in organisations and really make change happen.  You’ll be in the elite top 10% of leaders who really understand how to deliver change through people. Imagine being able to run projects that the business really want and are really supportive of your effort.

The Hero version is great for individuals who are running projects now.  You maybe a seasoned veteran with the scars to show and want to learn some new ideas and approaches from the very best project leaders in the world or you are starting out and want to learn quickly how to do it step by step.  You don’t want the mistakes we have made in the past and want to become a ChangePro Hero.

What’s included?

You’ll get full access to all the features of ChangePro including:

  • Graham’s 14 module video based programme
  • Access to the ChangePro Vault (containing 28 How To Guides covering project, process and the people elements and 18 Templates designed to aide your thinking), 
  • The 6 Stage Framework giving you all the detailed steps and tips required along the project lifecycle - with a video describing each stage in detail.
  • Access to Graham and a group of Global Practitioners via a ChangePro Facebook Mastermind Group where you can ask questions and share ideas.

All you need to develop Worldclass Project Leadership skills … and available for life!

It’s time to get ahead of the rest and learn ChangePro today …

Purchase now to get immediate access to your training. You can watch at your own pace, and remember the training is here for LIFE!


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