Step By Step Guide For Setting Up Your Team For Success - FAST!

Being able to build a high performance team really quickly is so important in today's world. 

In this programme I'll be sharing the exact 6Ps framework I use on a day to day basis to build winning teams across the globe. Thousands of teams have successfully used what I will share with you in a bite size video and detailed pdf guide. 

I'll share why it is so important to set your team up for success, how to do it and exactly what to do.

It will make setting up your team for success really easy and fast in the future.  

I normally charge in the region of £5k to £8K a day for a teambuild so you get my secrets for an investment of only £47

Why?  Some people think I've gone mad to do this!  "You're giving away the Crown Jewels Graham."  

However, I'm on a mission to change the way organisations are being led.  Too many people are unhappy and I want to change that.  The more people who know how to build teams the better in my book - hence the crazy offer! 

In today's world we need to be awesome at collaboration and teamworking. I also believe leaders should be able to build teams effectively themselves. So to be able to make a difference and show them how can easily do it for themselves is really important to me. 

Before we do this though I do have a small request.  Because the process is so powerful and based on 25 years of building high performance and elite teams I need to ask you to make a promise before downloading the video and guide! 

Repeat after me, "I will not leave my business and become a team building consultant!"  

Only joking! It's all yours... 

And as added bonus I'll also share my one page overview of what I believe GREAT leadership is all about in today's world taken from my award-winning book Leadership Laid Bare! The naked truth of great leadership.

And if you need any further proof of how great this stuff is...

"Graham is the master of making the complex simple and easy to use.  He is a true leadership wizard."

Nicola Huelin, Award Winning Mumpreneur and Speaker

“Graham is quite simply fantastic and inspiring at his job. He has a real passion to pass on simple and straight forward common sense techniques that transform your leaders and ultimately leads to bottom line improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending Graham as he will help to transform your team and business.” 

Graham Haworth: HR and Legal Director, Crown Paints

"Having worked with Graham a number of times he is a pleasure to be around. Motivating, articulate and good humoured Graham is a great Leadership coach and mentor and is one of the most positive and engaging people I have met working in this arena. He is down to earth and provides practical guidance on how to get the best from yourself and your team. He also has great stories and anecdotes and is great at reading the room and bringing a team together. It was a pleasure working with Graham"  

Charlotte Light, Controller of Systems Delivery at Channel 4

"Graham provides great insight to team performance. He has the ability to guide teams, through difficult conversations, that lead to improved performance."

Paul Bishop, VP Technology - Integration and Divestment at Equinix EMEA



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I'll be sharing with you tried, tested and proven leadership tools developed from the field! 

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