Leadership Laid Bare! The naked truth of GREAT Leadership

Leadership Laid Bare is the fastest, easiest and most reliable system for improving your leadership capability ... even if you are really busy!

A powerful leadership book designed to take you on a journey - packed full of stories, examples, tools and answers to your questions!

Stage 1 explores why we need to change the way we lead and what stops us

Stage 2 shows how great leaders are being successful in today's world

Stage 3 details a powerful four stage process to quickly enhance your leadership capability to new heights

Stage 4 is packed full of tools and techniques you can use straight away

Throughout the book you'll see inspiring quotes to get you motivated and striving for success.

What others are saying about Leadership Laid Bare

This book is not just a must read for CEO's and leaders within organisations, if you're an entrepreneur or small business owner and you've reached that critical tipping point in your business growth where you need to start getting results through other people (employees, outsourcing, freelancers for example), then this book is for you. I love the way the author cuts out "fluff", and presents these proven tools and techniques in such a simple yet powerful visual way. A simple to follow process, with stories and anecdotes which bring everything to life, this book is literally packed full of proven and powerful leadership tools, which will help any forward-thinking business owner harness their business growth and help them get exceptional results through others, understanding how to create a high-performance environment for a team that can bring exceptional results and growth no matter what business they are in. As I Business Transformation coach, I recommend this book to my own clients and members of my community, who are all in the process of starting and growing exceptional businesses. ~ N Huelin

I've studied Leadership for many years now trying to understand the what and how of good leadership. There are a few good books on the subject, however not many excellent ones. This is different though. Graham Wilson cuts to the chase. He understands leadership and understands the readers needs. He gives clear and concise information on the subject without the waffle. This is a excellent book that will help you find a way to make leadership work for you. Its a refreshing read - It's like Graham is in the room with you. Definitely worth the purchase and time spent reading it. ~ S Agabani

Rewriting the leadership rules, beautifully! This is not your usual management or leadership book! Graham Wilson rewrites the rules of being a leader that we all know and shows a new perspective and methodology that stems from Authenticity. Not only will reading this book change you (as a leader) but it will also have a massive impact on your team by promoting and enabling their skills and potential. (It may well improve relationships outside the workplace too!). Visually 'Leadership Laid Bare' is a treat. With illustrations and quotes (some inspirational, some pithy) this book is a pleasure to read and far from the dry textbook style that some management books take. Highly recommended. ~ E Thorpe

If you know you're a born leader and need support and guidance for the How from a compassionate and 'results-driven' (getting stuff done) perspective, this is the best book I have read on the subject. It's priced for the corporate market and don't let that put you off. Graham is writing for all leaders who want to come into their true potential in an empathic way that truly values people and what we can achieve together. It's clearly written, easy to understand and has so many 'of course!' lightbulb moments, you can start a Christmas lights display for a large town. ~ R Slosek


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