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Bespoke Leadership Journeys

Awakening Possibility In Leaders To Deliver Extraordinary Results

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The most important part of my teaching is what happens after the workshop!

Leadership Journeys

I've worked out what successful leaders actually do to deliver outstanding results in today's digital age. I've decoded this into a system of pragmatic tools and techniques that creates a powerful way of operating. My focus is always to awaken possibilty in leaders to deliver extraordinary results

New World Strategy

Hope is not the only strategy! I teach leaders to create and translate strategy into action. I share the latest techniques for developing winning strategies at all levels in organisations and how to execute strategies - fast!

Unleashing Innovation

I show how leaders create a culture and ways of working where people consistently develop great ideas to improve results and add value. I focus on value innovation and teach leaders how to ensure innovation is part of your DNA and delivers massive value to you, your customers and society. 

Developing Change Agents

Great leaders know how to operate with speed, agility and to make change happen. I teach leaders how to do this.  I develop leaders who can lead change by taking people with them. Portfolio Management, Sponsorship, Programmes, Projects and Change all link together. I ensure leaders are great at all areas.

Building Elite Teams

I teach a powerful range of tools and techniques to ensure leaders know how to create elite teams and sustain high performance. This includes top teams, global, remote, virtual and distributed teams at all levels. 

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See Me in Action!

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Learn | Connect | Apply

When developing leaders I ensure they new learn ideas and pragmatic tools, connect the learning to their world and are inspired to apply it. Taking action after the workshops is the most important part.

I cover a wide range of leadership topics which are always aligned to your strategy and culture. A full briefing is carried out and every talk is tailored to achieve the very best outcomes for you.

Rather than just delivering presentations, I'm also comfortable running interactive workshops for large numbers, facilitating large events and running meaningful team building events that inspire action.

If you want a trainer who connects with the participants really quickly, ensures relevance and provides practical solutions then I can help!

My Thought Leadership Articles Regularly Appear In...

"I worked with Graham for several years and can honestly say he's one of the most energetic, committed and inspirational people I've ever worked with. His enthusiasm for passing on his learning never wanes and as a speaker, coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator he creates a positive energy that leaves participants in his programmes feeling that they can achieve anything."

Lucy Griffiths
Founder/Director at and We Are Lucky; Designer, Editor, Educator, Author, Speaker

"Having heard Graham speak at 2 events, I have been extremely impressed not only with his wealth of knowledge and experience but also his ability to tailor his talk and style to his audience. His talks are peppered with stories and nuggets of business brilliance which make them both interesting and enlightening. Highly recommended."

Emily Thorpe
Work/Life Balance Coach, Speaker and Author of - The Working Mums 5 Step Solution to Having It All

"Graham - is an extremely impressive person, his depth of knowledge is only matched by the breadth of his experience. Graham has the unique talent of breaking down extremely complex concepts into manageable, pieces and therefore able to take a team with him. I would not hesitate recommending Graham and the leverage his skills can bring to any business."

David Chalmers
Global Sales Director

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I appreciate booking a trainer for the first time can feel like a risky business! You can find out more about who I am, my values, my family and what is important to me by clicking the link below. I can provide many testimonials and happy to pass on details of people you can talk to who can give you the comfort that I deliver extraordinary results!


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