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Discover Timeless Leadership Principles For Today's World

It's time for courageous leadership

In times of crisis and rapid change, outstanding leadership is needed. It's time to be bold and courageous. This virtual course will give you the tools and techniques to step up and fight back against the impact of COVID-19. It shares with you tried, tested and proven leadership ideas to boost your performance and take the worry out of leading in our challenging times

Business Can Be Tough

Getting the balance right between working 'in your business' and 'on your business' is key to your success. It can be tough sometimes with hard decisions to be made

Leading in Times of Crisis

Leadership is all about your behaviour, rhythm, routines and day to day rituals. In a crisis we need clear direction, support, care and autonomy

Driving Profitability

Ultimately, long term success is about the profitability of your business. This is achieved by effective leadership and driving the business forward

Meet Your

Leadership Coach 

Graham is the founder of the award winning Successfactory and a leading global leadership trainer. He is trusted by many of the leading organisations around the world to develop their leaders and teams.

He has published two books on leadership, Leadership Laid Bare and The New Leadership Manifesto with two more on resilience and change on their way. 

Over the past 26 years he has personally developed over 85,000 of the world's best leaders. He is passionate about awakening possibility in leaders to deliver extraordinary results

You can find out more about Graham here >>


Let's get started...

The course is like a giant jigsaw puzzle where we decode leadership for you. We start at the edges with the context and fundamentals and then get to the core by sharing the tools and techniques you need. To get the most from the course please follow the days 1 to 14 in sequence. Each video builds on the previous one. Once you've been through the 14 steps feel free to come back and jump in where you need. Make sure you connect to the ideas and then apply them. The most important part of the course is what you do after watching the videos! And most of all enjoy...

Day 1 | Leadership Context

Understanding why we need to change the way we lead in our new world


Leading In a VUCA World

Here's a PDF on Leading in a VUCA World you can download. It summarises our new world and what is driving the need to change the way we lead

Day 2 | What Great Leadership Looks Like

People will respond to change differently. They will move through the process of change at different speeds. Here's a funny video that explains what we go through! We need to understand that and more importantly, know what to do about it.


Leadership Flywheel Overview

Here's a handy one page reminder of the Leadership Flywheel and each of the steps required for success in today's world

Day 3 | Exploring The 10 Leadership Disciplines

In this video I will decode and de mystify what great leaders actually do on a day to day basis to achieve extraordinary results


The 10 Leadership Disciplines

Here's a PDF version of the 10 leadership disciplines you can download. There are a set of questions to score yourself and develop improvement actions

The New Leadership Manifesto EBook

Download your FREE copy here. Remember the answers are in the questions!

Day 4 | Creating an Authentic Leadership Brand

In this video I guide you step by step to enable you to create your authentic leadership brand


Authentic Leadership Brand Guide

Download your FREE copy of the guide to use the process I shared

Day 5 | Creating a High Performing Team

In this video I share with you a step by step process to enable you to set your team up for success and sustain high performance


Creating A Team Canvas Guide

Download your FREE copy of the guide to use the process I shared

Day 6 | Strategy in a Crazy World

In this video I share with you my thoughts on what strategy actually is and attempt to demystify it!


The Wisdom of a Strategy On A Page

Download your FREE copy of the this article

OGSM Guide

White Paper on strategy execution using an OGSM - Objectives, Goals Strategy, and Measures

Day 7 | How to Communicate To Engage

As leaders it's important we have the ability to communicate with meaning. We need to join the dots and inspire action. In this video I'll share with you a key concept that will enable to communicate more effectively.


Day 8 | Exploring Systems Thinking

How do you create a high performance environment where success is inevitable? This video explores how systems thinking can help.


Organisational Alignment Article

Here's an article on the importance of aligning the why, what and how. Great read and summarises the video.

Day 9 | Creating Momentum

Step by step guide on how to create momentum to deliver at pace, and how to review, preview and learn effectively.


How to Review and Learn Effectively

Here's the learning tool I shared in the video and ideas on how to use it

Day 10 | Running Virtual Meetings

As leaders it's vital that we can run effective meetings that inspire action. In this video I'll share my thoughts about getting the fundamentals right and share my tips and hints about running virtual meetings


Virtual Meetings Guide

Here's the one pager I shared on the video for you

Meetings That Rock Toolkit

Download a really useful meeting toolkit full of practical insights and tools you can use straight away

Day 11 | Unleashing Innovation

Right now we need to innovate like no other time. Discover how you can unleash innovation in your team and organisation


Innovation Toolkit

A complete step by step guide for unleashing innovation. Packed full of tools and techniques

Day 12 | Building Resilience

Using the 6 pillars to build your resilience. Learn how to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and worry.


Resilience Health Check

Download a one page template to get you thinking about the actions you can stop doing, start doing and continue doing based on the 6 pillars of resilience

Day 13 | How To Have A Challenging Conversation

Your step by step guide to be able to have an effective challenging, courageous and honest conversation that inspires action


Challenging Conversations Guide

Download a handy overview of the Challenging Conversations process as a memory jogger and a simple template you can use for your preparation.

Day 14 | Delivering At Pace With ChangePro

Demystifying projects and change! How you should be delivering change at pace.


ChangePro Framework

Download a handy overview of the ChangePro Framework as a memory jogger. It's packed full of ProTips too!

Bonus Inspiration

Here's a number of short videos you'll find really useful and inspirational in these challenging times, enjoy them and use them with your teams!


Join the Leadership Revolution, let's hear from you

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