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How to deliver meetings that ROCK!

Running effective meetings is a key skill we need to develop as leaders. The question is what type of meeting do you run?

Have a look at the graph below and make sure they are on the green line and not like the purple line! Want to learn how to keep them green, then read on...

Here are my top tips to make them 'green' and ideas on how to run meetings that inspire real action:

  1. When planning a meeting the first question has to be, “What is the purpose of the meeting?”
  2. And if there is a compelling reason and purpose for the meeting then the second question is…“What do I want people to do after the meeting?”
  3. Third question is …”How do I want them to feel after the meeting?”
  4. Fourth question is ... “How am I going to take them on a journey and inspire action?”
  5. Always have a purpose for a meeting that is aligned to organisation/team goals and values – and communicate the alignment and reason why you are having the meeting.
  6. Sell the purpose of the meeting before people get there - they should want to be there and arrive curious, excited, and valued and know what type of meeting it is. People need to know what is expected of them.
  7. Invite individuals personally to meetings and sell the value of them being there and why they need to be there, and what value they will give to the meeting.
  8. When working out who should be there ask two questions, will they add value or receive value? If the answer is none then don’t invite them.
  9. Never have AOB - find out individual hopes and fears before the meeting or right at the start. And kill the risk early!
  10. Handle any negativity at the start to give you time to raise desire and motivation so people leave on a high.
  11. Use Sticky Steps planning to craft your agenda - in order to…I must….
  12. When developing an agenda you must develop ‘the what’ AND ‘the how’ – use the best tools and techniques to tackle each item.
  13. Write the agenda topics as questions to get people in the right frame and to get them thinking about solutions.
  14. Never ask, “Do you understand?” Check for clarity and challenge people to verbalise what they are going to do.
  15. Use technology appropriately.
  16. Remember that there are never difficult people at meetings…the reason they are difficult is because you haven't engaged them or you have or are using the wrong process.
  17. Actions should leave with everyone immediately…writing up actions days later is poor discipline. You want action now. People should leave the meeting with the actions.
  18. Create the right environment for the purpose and type of meeting and use different processes for different meetings. Do you really need a desk and chairs? Maybe a walking meeting would be a better approach, or a standing meeting, or bean bags!
  19. Make it fun, have a laugh, keep active, use nature, use music, keep it interactive, use visual facilitation, inspire action.
  20. Build your toolkit of creativity, decision making and problem solving tools and know when to use the right tools at the right time.
  21. Structured agendas should answer the six questions: why, who, where, when, what, and how.
  22. Always look for ways to improve your meetings…review and learn every time. Make your meetings ROCK!

Have fun setting running your meetings. And remember it is an ongoing process, you need to review, learn and act on the learning to continually improve.

Every success


Ps You can download a really useful Meetings That Rock Toolkit here for way less than the price of the doughnuts and coffee at your next meeting!


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