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KPIs have outlived their usefulness as the key tool for leading a business - so why are you still using them?

In a world of low volatility, high complexity and which changes slowly you can manage. In a world where learning has a long shelf life and where some individuals know all and where the eldest is the most knowledgeable it's all about doing more of the same and more efficiently. In this world you need to manage.

In this context KPIs really help because we can direct, spot trends, make incremental gains and boost performance. You can get away with people 'just doing' rather than 'thinking and...

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How to deliver meetings that ROCK!

Running effective meetings is a key skill we need to develop as leaders. The question is what type of meeting do you run?

Have a look at the graph below and make sure they are on the green line and not like the purple line! Want to learn how to keep them green, then read on...

Here are my top tips to make them 'green' and ideas on how to run meetings that inspire real action:

  1. When planning a meeting the first question has to be, “What is the purpose of the meeting?”
  2. And if there...
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