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I am a leader

Do you find that as leaders we give so much, all of the time?

And that it can get tiring giving so much and sometimes lonely out there as a leader?

I believe it's important to ensure we receive inspiration too!

Have you found that it's very easy to fall into the trap of trying to solve problems yourselves?  

The reason for this is that we were taught this at school. 

If you went to a school like mine, we were told off for collaboration. We had to work out the answer ourselves and then put our hand up if we knew the answer. The teacher would then tell us if we were right or wrong.

Remember that?

Think about it for a moment, how strange is that.

We were taught that teamworking is cheating and that the teacher is always right! 

In today's world we know it's impossible for the leader to have all the answers. We need collaboration and teamworking. We need to set up our teams for success. We also know that we aren't the teachers. 

We are new world leaders who are comfortable leading without the answers. We enable others to fix things! We lead by asking the right questions. 

Here are my thoughts on what I believe a great leader needs to do in today's world, enjoy...


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